On the Book of Lies

Lying on top of
      the book of lies
Is a demon who
clawed his way out
of my grimore

Lying on top of
      the book of lies
I looked up
and saw the lights
of time dim and
the innocence of me
fade into nothingness

Into the arms of conflict,

Into the battle for Chaos
Blood for the Blood God
Into the battle for Chaos
Decayed souls for Gods of Decay
Into the battle for Chaos
Pleasure for the worshippers
Into the battle for Chaos

Into the Chaos I go,
Change for the Gods of Chance

“Snap away

from the veil of
insanity and unimaginable

And let the words
of viral order
      step down
      into the vital life of

poker games with Lucifer himself,”

The enchanting goddess of chance
spoke her truth,

Thus I am

Lying on top of the book of lies
as a demon who
clawed his way into your grimore.




Rip apart

            The layered
fabric we conviently
convinced upon the convention
to believe together

      we are all
still children clinging onto
a blankie made out of money

      we are all
a little intoxicated by the
fumes of the piles
of burning green paper

like (a moot point or) a
piece of stranded
cruise-by victim
piece of disintegrated

falling through superimposed
landscapes of time

mice could be juggernauts
god could be a multicolored blob of
            breathable jello that eats
            poker chips

Let’s claw, then, claw our way
out of the cocoon of Karma

and escape frolicking into

Black Moon

The devil is
      out and about
      out and about

He’s slick and

he’s imitating the
contours of shades
that bumps that bump
in the night
with a certain litheness
and lethal uncertainty

Gathering the desire
to deflower lips
meant only for sensual kisses
I dance under the orchestrated
raindrops on
the side roads of lifetimes
I undulate to the
unheard rhyme and rhythm
moving with absent thoughts
while alluring the eyes

      No matter that
      men and women
      wanted a taste

I grinded the night away

      into the pixie powder

I snort, forging
picket sign thoughts

Eventually, though
An empress with armies of amorrrrrr (!)
strolled into control

      now, here, nowhere, never

All I want to do
is dance for you

to this surreal shrill-


A moaning of the drum
            the bass 

Deliberating Liberty

I brought Liberty her
last supper in the
dark alleyway behind
play-pretend democracy

Watching genius notes
of music fly briefly from
youthful mouths

(for the thousandth time)

She extinguished
like a star in the
ashtray of
            forgotten gods
Her untamed
honesty built harmnoy
with bricks of calamity

Her perspiration’s evaporation
Smelled like an old dollar bill
that’s been in one
too many pockets

Of course she’ll
rise from the ashes
and all that jazz,

But watching

liberty murdered by
the guns held by
the children lied to by
the society shaped by
innocent sweat and blood

Much more tragic
than tabloids.

Green Eyes

The quarks of mind

tumbled like bees
stumbled like debris
of theoretical particles

rage fueled by
ecstasy and unnamed jealousy
fizzled my cranium like
colliding uranium ions

Ironic words driven
by a chemical fire
combusted like magnisium
brilliant but short-lived

The silent gestures
of Heisenberg's uncertainty
Played out on a grander scale
      in measures of life

All this rolled rolled rolled
in my jointless hands

As the engineered grapes
melted on my tongue
without stems, each cell
screaming for my mercy

Bay Area Moon

I tuned into the
quiet melancholy played
in a string quartet of
      with tuneless hums of
            air unconditioners
            rhythmic roars of
            fire engines
            monotonic sirens of
            digitized clockwork
      to a backdrop of polygonal

The city slumbered,
dead to the night
that’s alive with the
sinister lullibi of
dim streetlights
as the unspoken alibi for
broken justice rolled by

And parasites thrived
            upon the

Choleric fears
Chronic tears churned by
chromatic gears of
heartless disassociation

We stumble along without shepherds
When the leaders are sheep
Only bards who record history
Under stars that never sleep.

Cash Only

I can get low
      get dirrty in
this filthy alley
just like the whores on MTV

Performing small oral massages
with words from lips
for just a small fee

Leaving tainted butterfly kisses
with empty promises
for just a small fee

Dripping glistening sweat
with stains on your conscience
for just a small fee

B, H, or even Z jobs
along with antyhing in need
for just a small fee

How else can I feed
a family of three?

Relieve your burdens on me

like the rest of the city

Reminiscing Time in Jail

I was riding on the
edge of life at the
speed of death

When the voice of crafty creation
wrote in neon green sigils
with luminous ink
on the back of my eyelids
            so that
Every time I shut my iris
the image melts into
3-dimentional allusions to
illusions of hallucinations
where I stand in
hell, a restaurant famous
for brimstone smoked souls
served in skulls
I survive every second
waiting to graduate from life
through the inhuman calm
of an objective mathematician
I stifle rivaling legions
of our probable selves
and whisper and scream
by remaining silent --

The estacy of peaceful insanity
flows through all of us

Meanwhile in some corner of
an uncharted region of unremarkable

We remembered tomorrow
and planned out yesterday
with complete befuddlement, by

the words of our declaration of
independence from memories
      carved in archaic anarchy

the tune of our proclaimation of
emancipation from history
      sang in anachronic discord

            SO HERE WE ARE

bundled up and naked and young
and old and wholly holy

We trust that if
If the symbolic rituals of cannibalism
in Catholicism can be holy

      that if
If the unreasoning crusades of
advertising God’s name in vanity can be holy

Then Allen Ginsberg was right


So even the circus freaks
who weigh us feed us
sedate us restrain us
record us medicate us
blindly - are us,
      are sanctity

Even the senile
who laughingly skinny dipped
into a pool of tears he cried
in his adolescent years
            is sanctity

Even the unthinking laws
of physics that strangles
babies in wombs with
umbilical cords
            are sanctity

Even the listeners who think
sanctity sounds like a pair
of feminine body parts,
Even lurking rapists suicide bombers
laundered money filthy politicians
reused condoms rusty scalples
broken kittens rabid puppies
castration scars and pus spewing clits
            are sanctity

Insignificant, with Hubris

An Ant

charged with armored nakedness
into my spinning pen
            its windmill

A fly

Kamakazed with fragrant stench
into my toilet bowl
            its harbor

A lemming

Napped with pretend suicide
onto my physics homework
            its religion

A photon

Soared with unmoving motion
across the galaxy
            its cramped cage

A needle

lived with unique mediocrity
thinking itself the only metal

A monkey

flung poo with ignorant intellect
all over the zoo,
thinking man had nature’s patience

A beaver

built damps, with unsophicated hi-tech
in a minuscule pond
thinking it’s shaping the entire world

A Wordsmith

wrote with artifical hubris
in his weathered leather bound book
thinking he alone hears the moans of society

A baby yawned


The piles of evictions
and bankrupcy papers
make for great firewood--

I’ve been constantly
sucking on this pack
of manufactured tobacco
Like God’s tiny cock
And I contemplated
upon a coat hanger
aborting Jesus

Get this toxic fetus out
before it reaches


I’ve spread my legs enough
for the sake of
humanity’s pleasure

Even shaved my forest bush
shot poison into my river veins

I guess I’ll just keep on whoring;
                  keep on digging
through your non-recycled
expired dumpsters for food;
            keep on
wearing news paper hats and
drinking the rot in the atmosphere

(Is this how you treat your mother too?)


The prodigy of terror and prophecy
in the industry of imagining insurgency
was buried by the hands of unity

Where conflicts of humanity
no longer rides on
the backs of love and intimacy

No more frabications of emergency
And the U.S. presidency
is no longer easy jokes for comedy


The fortuneteller of
mass destruction
is Gone!


I had been baptized
in the bitter ocean
of emotion and thought

Where egos constantly
contaminate the streams of
consciences with vanity

The pollution of illusion
finally dried on my
transparent skin

and I rediscovered
my boneless wings

Born again from the wombs
of Discordia

I come without Fnords

to learn and teach
the vector Calculus of thoughts

Before I unshackle myself
from the chains of Time

Opportunity Cost

Optimization and Efficiency
now reigns over
Optimism and Affection

I negociated my contract
to loan my soul
to the titans of commerce
Rehearsing and immersing
myself in the dehumanization
and objectifying of fathers and mothers

(Just an initiation rite
      into capitalism)

“Sign here and we’re done”

I skimmed, no,
the fine print
Knowing all too well
This bank will once again
default on my loan

can’t save you now

Keep buying Keep buying

buy buy buy, with money
            we don’t have
bye bye bye, future of
            our children

Laissez Faire

Jargon meaning “Every man for

Screw mothers who are loving
for their child
Fuck fathers who are frugal
for their family
      Simply because they don’t
and contribute to the GDP
      and the DOW

So what
So what if their love built
            the world?
I’ve got businesses to feed

At least banks now
have antidepressants instead
of lollipops

Ego, Ergo Sum

I am the bacteria
Decomposing the landfills
I am the lichen
Holding mountains together
I am the spider
Hunting infectious insects

I am the cosmic dog
Burying dinosaur bones in your backyard

I am the nicotine
Cradling the sanity of smokers
I am the caffeine
Keeping humanity functional
I am the oxygen
Sustaining all combustion

I watched Edison grow up
And gifted him electricity as a
Christmas toy
I babysat Einstein
And suggested that
everything is relative
I hung out with the Beatles
and together tripped
about a Lucy

I sipped tea with Buddha
Both grinning like idiots
with total respect

I was drunk on Sesame Street
I was sober in Babylon
I even lived on Terry Lane
(yes, I know the M-man)

But I was covered with
only newspaper blankets
Openly spewing your words back to you
secretly wishing you good will
Openly begging you for food
secretly recording Humanity’s kindness

I came
I saw
I conquered the
cotton mouth
and munchies

I watched Nietzsche murder my father
I saw Rome torture my brother

Yet I am the same badass
who kicked you in the nuts with words
and said fuck you in the same line

I built the world with mathematical equations
I am the powder
that can demolish your track of mundane thoughts
I am drunken regurgitation,
I am poetry,

I am a mirror

I created myself
and I am you


Gaia tended her garden

As a playful child
She taught spirituality
with the curiosity of a
cliff-hanging “maybe”

Reminding me
Faith is more
than a building
Truth is more
than dressing up Sunday

As a loving mother
taught history
with the brevity of a
bed-time story

Reminding me
culture is more
than a shape on a map
Art is more
than the name of a kingdom

I rewrote my address --
I am no longer from a
street or country

I am from Planet Earth,
(and so are you.)


The past is a lie
The future is a fantasy

So I live in the
eternal present
Temporarily Immortal
Savoring the summer breeze
Like a single ant
eating a whole breadcrumb
Savoring each second
where every word is a diamond

Turn off
the human consensual
sense of time

There is no box
no wheel of time
no plane of existence

Only the infinite here
Only the forever now
Only the unchanging purity,
the childlike innocence

Listen to the birds
and learn the whisperd secrets
of the awakened awareness

I simply am,
We simply are -- Alive

If Not Now, When?

The OCD ridden
parliament and congress
spoke in foreign and cryptic
abbreviations of paranoida
As if to conseal
guilt of their invasion
into homes and minds
with the tight grip on
the media, alongside a
propagandical fundamentalistic
maniacal campaign
to control and domesticate
youthful minds

Heap professionalism and prejudice
onto the pyre of conformity

A peaceful protest by
free speech and thought

Rally + gather --
together we stand as
the most important potential
Let us march,
march straight to the
doorsteps of stagnant and
selfish legislators who
undermine education
as we combat the
oppression of ignorance without
we fight for the
beauty of curiosity without

If not here where?
If not now when?
If not us who?


Defy the currents
of current events
with me

Unplug and unveil
            the clouds

No more pixilation
or separation

So I sold my xbox
ipod and cellphone,

Bought a kite and

Upgraded from virtual
      to reality

The sky has
better resolution
and frame rate anyway.

From Kade with Love

My crown and gown
Were dipped in tar
meant for cars
And my snowflake wings
(now black as the
voice of void)
No longer spreads

My loyal flock
of peaceful avians

Sang with their
fuel distorted lungs
a mockery of beauty

If only my bell was
vast as the sky
I’d drink this
fossil myself

As of now,


Destroy the Earth
with more care