Defeat - 10/30/2009

Distant laughter intermingled
with birdsongs
the dead city as the fog of
subtle absence of human sounds
no cars
or even footsteps or heartbeats
only a mild sun
and embers of orange leaves
surfing upon a dull autumn breeze

*     *     *

My childhood idly moped about
a desolate crossroads upon memory lane
under a night-blue sky

The fire shimmered
into nothingness in the west
The stars shrouded
the sunlit swingsets
and curious pebbles
in moonshine sunsets
and snow-melted springs

I stirred, slurred the reflected
pools of moonlit memories
on the rocks,
and the earth
rumbled and thundered
sundered and crumbled
as armies with unsigned search warrants
hammered through the
sun baked dirt walls
like the tide on a child's sandcastle

and flames hailed from
the nothingness of the cosmos,
meteorites striking magically true
to the wombs of women
and the tombs of heroes.

The gentle whisper of
a silent city once so beautiful
covered now
with moss and unearthed corpses

Merciful Love, save us. 

Public Speaking

I was chasing the skirt of Liberty on the history channel, in a class at Laney college out of curiosity - a class on Public Speaking


The shredded Magna Carta

blew across the
once prosperous

now smoldering
American Dream
Uncle Sam cannibalized
Lady Liberty,
grinning back with
bloodstained fingertips.

Children's toys crunched
under unwitting
solders soles upon the
promise land
Mothers' gardens ravaged
by savage
bayonets across the
manifest destiny.

The ruthless executioners
weld the scythe
forged from stainless steel
soiled with civilian sweat

And brothers,
once hopscotch friends,
Now deceived through blind believe
pour the gasoline
on our own crops
pillage the seeds
from our neighbors farms.

I have never imagined we'd
throw away the letters
and signatures signified
in a guarantee of freedom
for the indentured servants
from the imperialistic symbolic throne
so quickly (only after 200 years?)
Now the bond with
the leeching economic machines
is parasitic
and their venom sedates
even the cerebral intellectuals

Meanwhile, time stood still

As word artists
visual poets
sound sculptors

stood on soapboxes screaming truth
through the vice induced coma --

Wake up my love,
wake up.


After writing that last string of characters, I woke up next to a volcanic sized herbal bonfire, friends roasting fungus and fuzzy marshmallows, just mellowing through the clueless hueless smoky cloudy sky. I drifted pass the melodic confusion of our minor section, the choleric selection by our children's generation, a univocal voice of student Detectives.


I overheard

over the slow
trashcan newspaper bonfire,

The screams from
a body of evidence
his hand, digits of terrific terror
clawing, towering skywards.

The bugs inside were distorted
by the nested loops of
imaginary money multipliers within the
Goldman Sachs mainframes

The evidence is clear
the machine is real
its massive voice booming through T.V.s

And its will is baptized in the senators' eyes
after a simple donation

The mechanical inhumane digits
steers the nation's fate --

"Wake up, Stand up for the common folk"
Now the academia,
we demand the entangled nobles in congress
to end the oppressive regime
of the merchant class,

Before the capital owners
      crack the whip
to permanently enslave
our youths' minds
      burn the books
for shareholder profit
marking tomes obsolete by the semester

I hear the evidence scream from the shadows,

While termite banks ate away
our future structure
that support the aged and weak
we are bound to become

Pray that the true predatory
lenders have mercy before
they snuff the light out of humanity's eyes.

We have elected hope and change
but oh,
Your Majesty, by the title of
Commander in Chief of Arms
Sire, stay true to your course
                  our cause,

lest the old ganglords
and warrior dukes
raise banners of ancient feuds
and set our bountiful land afire

for the unexcused use of
civilians as cannon fodder,
and the unforgiving casual tones
on uncasual casualties .

Give us liberty,
Represent our piece
of peaceful mind.

Chaotic Stance

I was chilling on Wikipedia reading about Chaos theory and I meandered across the Egyptian god and also Warmaster Horus's personal disambiguation page.
I then mangled the memories of martial arts and the Heretic's contribution to the drunken dancing fists in Chaotic Stance.


The blunt impact of your hammer of vengeful words
breached the gate
pass the moat of fictitious allegations
into the tender heart of laughter

Your mindless slaughter of
my frontal atrium
tainted the house
of revered superheroes
from innocent times

Blinded with
the grey mists of indecision
I unsheathed my words
and gunpowdered my mind

Dodged your concocted potions
of acidic flashcard phrases

I remain unmarred

raised my slightly roasted arm to

another fiery glass in honor of
bittersweet forgetfulness.


Today we heard the embodiment of Audrey Hepburn in voice, and I do feel oh so fine. Yet I will dare bring another news segment from Planet Earth, transmitted by Wordsmith.


Bards have woven
epics upon sonnets
pierced the
fabric with only ink on
the tip of their pens

For both Just and Sinful
      Pious and Blasphemous

So let us set foot upon the journey

pass rabbit holes
holes in fences
white picket and
yellow bricks or submarines
Ponder the wonders of
evanescent music from
lovers and heartbreaks from
countless lifetimes,
and history of fictional past

I confess the secrets of beauty
without waterboards
      or advertisement

and wave the magic wand
to seed lightening in the clouds
with only a button

See the Fnords
trapped in the tapestry of reality
within infinite dimensions

Beyond humanity and Earth, the
Heavens smile back, with
faces on asteroids and pentagonal
pyramids on the forge of Ares,
Even a hexagon crown on the Fallen Titan
Saturn's head!

Now the infants who
stole the fire
fell from grace
claim to overthrow
the old gods of stars and crosses
prayers and rituals with the
new faith in egocentric sciences
and theories untested

Just you wait!

The end is coming home.

Sunset of Armageddon

I shinned through the
      lush gardens of scientific beauty
scattered pass the
      rolling rivers of conjured pasts
reflected upon the
      mountaintops of poetic words

Just to watch the

beads of refracted lavender light
scatter like liquid glass
upon your sunburnt skin

(San Francisco!)

undertoned with an omnipresent backdrop
      of auburn urban sunsets

While the approaching
armies of fear
with swords at the ready,
sanguine light dancing on the tip of the blades;
Blood on tooth, in nail;
The first whiff of sulfur and a sparked fuse;
all weigh heavy on the mind,

we still held hands
and smiled till the end of days.

20th Century

Sobriety is such an uncommon wish, especially now, and even in the 20th century


The emptiness

      after the supernova
marking the death
of a nightingale

The only bird who
sang the soundtrack

for the eternal
escape into moonlit romance

for the grandiose quest
of innocent beauty

The bird skipped along downtown
avoiding broken adults

like an ever-so-slow obstacle course

While everything morphed

The walls of financial towers
      castles in the sky

The puddles hugging gutters
      ponds for frog princes

The nylon neon clothing
      gowns fit for royalty

      the bird

danced on the head of a pin
walked on the moon backwards

vicariously lived through NOTHING

Even sank into the quicksands of love
swam in the wine and smoke

Just for You


I want to dedicate this one to Ethanol, the chemical name for the alcohol in your drink.


Optimizing opium
with a little blood
the heroine of my fairytale
simply floating in my coffee mug

Lustful thoughts of body
filled up my cup
mixed up with sin
tasting of metallic wine

Late night Dinner
in the morgue

Just to convince myself I'm not-a-not-a
China, Chinadoll on the shelf anymore.

I drank the liquor
letting it burn
burn holes deep in my brain
letting it down
drown my stomach empty of worms

Walking down the alley
with a handy hearty filling
bottle of pure fire,

A fight,
between sorrow and esctacy
      pleasure and pain

convincing myself I've seen
God's ugly white ass
I wish I am sober.

Built upon a Kiss

I've remembered kingdoms, studying their tears and tongues like a Renaissance man, mathematics and linguistics alike-- and I discovered a palace Built upon a Kiss


Along the sunshine streets
      eternal roses

Parting-is-sweet-sorrow hugs
      songs of romance sang
lovers cannot feel the winter cold


Throbbing and thrusting of skin on skin
Piano fingers from lip to hip
Anticipation of gentle bits
      Breath on neck

Wishing not upon a star,
but the bellybutton of Venus

Singing half forgotten tunes,
We held and kissed the moon.

In a Bathtub

We've all taken a shot, in the name of Love and War; so for a little silliness to break the monotony, I'll tell you about the time I practiced Kung Fu, but In a Bathtub


The fluorescent light
slashed away night
like a scalpel to the iris
The hemp ropes
bit into skin
deeper then the murder of innocents
*     *     *
The saint of addiction
poison onto skyscrapers

unto my skin
into my hair
herb to lung
powder to brain
chemical on tongue
then veins, aorta and heart

I drowned in molasses
screamed till your
expectations filled my lungs


As a herald of prophecies
the Patron Saint of Distractions
the Jester of Court

Fell into
I fell into

a world of distortion mirrors
the lens in a dark room
manipulating only invisible light

Striking matches with no fingers.

Between Keyboard and Chair

Digital mirrors
into other worlds

peer back with
perfect blinding vision


"We are the virus
the disease
the night-dark scissors
for your silver cords,

"The end of days is yet to come"

The voice of reason spoke its truth,


the world into a mural
of cryptic
byte sized ones and zeros


The problem exists between
Keyboard and Chair.

This Side of the Rainbow

After my cootie shot, I was... no longer sober, and I put on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album. I thought of Dorothy with her shoes and how her footsteps match with the Pink Floyd songs' rhythms... And we've wondered so much about the other side of the rainbow, what about... This Side of the Rainbow


In our neon cities
(built with yellow bricks
of foreign soil's turmoil
on top a foundation
of sweatshop children's future
second class citizen's silence)

Surgeons sliced and spliced
Perfect Dorothies with silver
silicone and swarthy morphine
under the shallow lies of
static plastic beauty

Swarms of Tin Men trudged on
Refueled with calorie free garbage
Embedded entertainment for
      cardiac replacement

Herds of Frightened Lions plowed on
roared over our RELAPSE into the gambling
of the Wealth of our Nation
Imagined fiat currency for
      mock prosperity

Flocks of Braindead Scarecrows toiled on,
Redefining and defiling the constitution
Eloping with lies and corruption
and defecating
on the peasants' rights!

The Great Wizard of America then declared
an illuminated emerald epoch
with chimerical campaign slogans
functioning purely upon
a fantastically fanatical fan base
He then played
reverse Robin-hood

All the while
pairs of lovely
scarlet satirical slippers
await unearthing after

our deliverance from incarceration
rebirth of Emancipation.