Those calloused hands trembled;
Hands that labored to heal wounds long harbored,
Weeding out scar-induced emotions
for an eventually happily ever after-

Those tired arms quivered;
Arms that toiled over the sands of the soul,
Solidifying the foundation
for an eventually happily ever after-

That knotted back shuddered
Back that shouldered hope pebbles and dream boulders,
Arranging the imagination
for an eventually happily ever after.

     *            *

This hearth survived calamities,
endured floods of tragedies
(And the fallout of the failed ultimatum strategy)

Though the castle was built with bricks of pure honesty, 
Masks cannot forever contain cumulative malcontent.

*             *             *

The stoned faced demolition team
Remained silently statuesque ---
all could crumble without a whimper or scream.

In the name of the improbable eventually,
We lament the demolition of the picturesque.


The maggots of sedation
crawl merrily in the corpse of willpower;
decomposing every last cell of resistance
into the black tars of addiction.

Psychosis containment unit breached
mental meltdown imminent.

All personnel please evacuate the cerebrum;
and avoid the temporal lobes looping toxic reminiscence.