Fragmented refraction of
          reflections and recollections
Slit brightly across the deluding irides
          Shattered, like
                    Raging Hail through a heartless sandstorm,
                              Globes of punishment;
          [EARTH TO EARTH]

Figment of a stoic-
          static and stable
Slipped righteously through the deceitful lips
          Smattered, like
                    Distant Sun through a icy blizzard,
                              Rays of mockery;
                                        [ASHES TO ASHES]

Filaments of bountiful Amor
          bind us and blind us (so beautiful us)
Strangled nightly around the delirious hearts
          Scattered, by
                    Shrill Winds through a unsympathetic snowfall,
                              Gusts of judgement.
                                                                      [DUST TO DUST]

Can a heart stay warm,
buffeted and deformed
by the ire of the storm?


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