Hard Questions

Ancient hands etched hard questions
Upon baked tortoise shells with mirth,
(On the infinity of love, through divinations.)

The sage was acclimated to mute spirits of Earth;
Queries were left unanswered for eternities,
(Oracle bones accumulated, beside the hearth.)

Now deciphered pieces of mystic history
the auguries filled me with wonder,
(Heart heavy, with thoughts of calamity)

Tracing the lines with my fingers,
My doubts mirrored in the artifacts;
(I understand, my dear ancestors.)


Fragmented refraction of
          reflections and recollections
Slit brightly across the deluding irides
          Shattered, like
                    Raging Hail through a heartless sandstorm,
                              Globes of punishment;
          [EARTH TO EARTH]

Figment of a stoic-
          static and stable
Slipped righteously through the deceitful lips
          Smattered, like
                    Distant Sun through a icy blizzard,
                              Rays of mockery;
                                        [ASHES TO ASHES]

Filaments of bountiful Amor
          bind us and blind us (so beautiful us)
Strangled nightly around the delirious hearts
          Scattered, by
                    Shrill Winds through a unsympathetic snowfall,
                              Gusts of judgement.
                                                                      [DUST TO DUST]

Can a heart stay warm,
buffeted and deformed
by the ire of the storm?